Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recent Events

I've been bombarded with school once again.. It's midterms week right now, but I'm doing fairly well. I only have 2 more left to go. Heading back to NYC in a couple of days for spring break but I won't be spending the entire break there. I'm heading to Canada for half of it. My grandfather hasn't been feeling too well, so my family and I are flying over to see him. Hopefully it's nothing major.. I'll try to update more during next week, most likely more food posts and maybe some venturing.

Recently I declared my major and I've set my heart on Environmental Design with a concentration in ceramics. I'm focusing mostly on product/industrial design though. I want to create products that are environmentally friendly and good for mother nature, yet gets the job done or even gets two jobs done at the same time. I doing a bit of ceramics cause I'm seriously in LOVE with the wheel. When I say in love, I mean I can't get enough of it, even when class ends I feel like I could stay in the studio for hours on end. I've been rushing to finish all my other assignments so I can jump into the studio again and make some bowls or pots.. ceramics excites me and the process is so soothing and therapeutic. I'll post some of my recent works from the class later on when I finish glazing them.

On another note, there was recently a jazz formal and my school. Which means I took some pictures of the fancy food they had!

Salad - Mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and red onions with dressing and really good bread.

Apricot glazed grilled fresh salmon fillets on a bed of wilted spinach and topped w/sauteed shitake mushrooms, fried rice - soy lemon butter sauce.

It was a lovely night, my friends and I dressed up and there was a live jazz band.

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  1. Everything looks amazing!!
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